What's New in 2020.

Here's a potpourri of offerings from 2020.

In response to the world shutting down around us in March, we initiated the “Farmscape Wonder Wanders,” with our team members taking turns to prepare regular postings (on Facebook and the Progress of the Seasons Journal) of real-time, place-based happenings in nature as an invitation to our readers to do their own outdoor explorations.

Associated with our inauguration of the FEP Butterfly House, some of the crew (with Stephanie Ripsom's able video editing skills) put together a video describing the butterfly life cycle and some of our local species.

In a further venture onto the silver screen (even if only computer-screen sized), this year saw the release of Farmscape Ecology, the movie, created by Jon Bowermaster and Oceans 8 Films as part of his Hope on the Hudson series. Made in conjunction with the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, it describes some of our work and that of our collaborators. If you want to relive the movie's virtual world premiere, this video includes Q&A with many of those involved.

As part of our work with the Martin van Buren National Historic Site, Dylan Cipkowski has created a series of "story maps" on various aspects of the Site's fauna:

Having spent ample hours planting and weeding our beetle banks at Hawthorne Valley Farm, Nellie Ostow and Ellen Schied created a beetle-bank themed coloring page (.pdf file).

Want to cut to the chase and just get the year's stock taking? Here's our 2020 Year in Review (.pdf file).