Winter Woody Plant Botany


Explorations of Winter Botany: Handouts

with Conrad and Claudia Vispo
Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program

These are set of handouts we have put together over the years. They are meant to help you ID the common woody plants in our area (Columbia County, NY). Questions, corrections or suggestions are welcome via email or by phone (518 672 7994). Also feel free to send us photos or even real twigs for ID. Good-luck!

Descriptive Outline - provides a summary of the most common types of woody plants we have in the neighborhood together with some ID tips.

Dichotomous Key (use at your own risk) - This is a couplet key to some of our most common woody plants. Despite trying to revise it each year, it still succeeds in confusing. It may be a helpful resource, but don't get stuck on it.

Cheat Sheet - This table is meant to summarize some key characteristics of common trees in winter twigs.

Buds in Winter Images - Few things work better than matching pictures. This is a collection of winter bud images for your perusing enjoyment.

Tree Shapes in Winter - Claudia's blog on identifying trees by their winter profiles.