Early Spring Silhouettes.

Some Background History for the Hand Hollow State Forest.

This past Saturday we led a walk into the southern portion of the Hand Hollow State Forest in New Lebanon. In preparation for that, we did some quick historical research and created some background documentation. This post spices those documents with a few photographs from the site.

For more information on visiting this site, please see the following DEC web site: https://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/101433.html.

Our New Old Fields in Three Acts.

The Story of a Forest Stand.

Book of the Year – 1907: Water Wonders

A Belated Labor Day Posting – 1893/2017

This was meant to be a short Facebook posting for Labor Day 2017. Unfortunately, I was … err… working on Labor Day (fieldwork – got to ‘make hay while the sun shines’) and the blog rather outgrew the Facebook format. It remains a bit shallow for a true blog, but here it is!

Columbia County Moths

The Merry Dancers

‘When did Swallows First Arrive to Kinderhook, NY in 1835?’: Why You Might Care & Why You Can Now Know.

Our Slave-making Ants

by Kyle Bradford.