Amber-winged Spreadwing

Lestes eurinus

DESCRIPTION:  This medium-sized speadwing's most characteristic feature is, as its name suggests, the light amber tint in its wings. This, along with the light blue dusting that males acquire with age, makes it a relatively easy species to identify.

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We have come across Amber-winged Spreadwings only rarely in our area. It is state listed as S3/S4. They are most often found near still water, especially boggy or temporary ponds.




Elegant Spreadwing

Lestes inaequalis

DESCRIPTION: Like all spreadwings, the Elegant Spreadwing is long and slender, and holds its wings apart when perched, like a dragonfly. It is emerald green in coloration, with the lower half of the thorax a lighter hue and a blue tip of the abdomen. It can be hard to distinguish from other large spreadwings

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We have seen very few Elegant Spreadwings, but it is not considered endangered. It can be found near still water and in shaded environments.




Slender Spreadwing

Lestes rectangularis

DESCRIPTION: This long thin spreadwing looks similar to some other species, but it is unique in having white wing tips.

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We see Slender Spreadwings quite regularly. They can be found around forested pools and small clearings.




Spotted Spreadwing

Lestes congener

DESCRIPTION: This is a relatively small, stocky spreadwing with a mostly black-grey body with light yellow sides and blue eyes.

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We see Spotted Spreadwings only occasionally. They can be seen around still, marshy water.




Swamp Spreadwing

Lestes vigilax

DESCRIPTION: This is quite a large spreadwing. It has a metallic green abdomen and shoulders, and a blue-grey under belly and abdomen tip.

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We see Swamp Spreadwings only occasionally. They can be found near still, swampy bodies of water.




Sweetflag Spreadwing

Lestes forcipatus

DESCRIPTION: This is a medium sized spreadwing, with a grey-black body and blue eyes.

BEHAVIOUR/ABUNDANCE: We see these spreadwing occasionally. They can be found flying around still, swampy water.




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