Species Inventories

We have expertise in documenting vascular plants, butterflies, dragonflies, ground beetles, native bees, ants, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals in and around Columbia County (please go to Biodiversity for couny-wide species lists of these groups).

Species inventory

Typically, the species inventories are linked to ecological mapping of a piece of land, where inventories are conducted within a-priory delineated homogeneous habitat units and the resulting species lists indicate the habitat unit(s) where each species was found. However, sometimes clients find it helpful just to have a list of certain taxa that occur anywhere on their land. Sometimes, we have also conducted inventories of individual habitats of particular management interest, such as landscaped wildflower meadows or ponds. For example, a farmer might be particularly interested in the wild plants and animals of certain management units, such as pastures or vegetable fields, on the farm.

The cost of species inventories depends on the size of the area, the number of habitat units it contains, and the taxa considered. It also depends on the duration of the study, whether it is a one-point-in-time inventory or a year-long study of all seasonal aspects.

Please contact us at (518) 672-7994 or by email to schedule a free site visit. We will provide you with a quote once we understand the scope of the project and your specific interests.