The Living Land Project

The Living Land Project is a multi-year initiative of the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program in collaboration with Hudsonia and the Columbia Land Conservancy

The goal of the Project is to help us better understand the ecological and cultural landscape of the County through the detailed ecological description of diverse habitats in all regions of the County, together with the exploration of how people are perceiving and interacting with these habitats.

This research will eventually form the basis for a "Field Guide to the Ecology and Culture of Columbia County Habitats" that can serve as a tool for local exploration. 

Find Out More...or Join In!

Stay tuned, as we will be sharing the findings from this Project over the next couple of years through a variety of workshops, articles, exhibits, web experiences, presentations, conversations, and other outreach. Meanwhile, there are many ways to hear the latest findings, join in, and stay connected:

  • Updates from the Field - Checkout our Facebook page for a real-time glimpse of the plants, creatures and habitats we are exploring, or visit our Living Land Updates to see photos and descriptions of our more interesting finds.
  • Ecological Inventories in different Habitats - Join us in the field during our inventory work or help us locate interesting habitats to include in our inventories.
  • Special Places Mapping Project - Help us better understand how people are using the land by sharing your favorite places on this interactive map.