Harlemville Weather


Hawthorne Valley weather station in light snow

Our Davis Vantage Pro weather station has been set up in a field at Hawthorne Valley Farm since 2010. In its prime, it can record rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and solar radiation.

Here are ways of accessing the data.



  • The station is part of the Weather Underground, and you can view its details at this link. Current data plus various historical spans can be viewed. Please note that data only go back to Oct 2016, when this station was subscribed to Weather Underground. You can also view the data through their Weather Underground, Storm and WunderStation apps, these are all available through the apple app store and the first two can also downloaded for android. Our station name in Weather Underground is "Hawthorne Valley Farm"; its code is KNYGHENT9.
  • Current Data can also be viewed via our 24hr live feed from WeatherLink (visible at the top of the page). They also have a handy free app for viewing the data from an android or apple device. Aside from current informaton, basic historical information is also available through the interfaces by tapping the bar at the bottom of the app's screen.
  • Graphs of the month's worth of data are available below. (Please note that these only update after I have been on-line and manually updated them; they might periodically be out of date; if they're radically out of date, please let me know.) However, more extensive historical data can also be accessed through Weather Underground and WeatherLink; we can provide access details if desired.



  • I also have data spreadsheets containing the raw historical data collected periodically during each day; let me know if you would like to analyze these.



  • During winter, I try to keep snowfall records on our back porch; those are available here (as an .htm file), but are subject to my absence or neglect.


Finally, if you're noticing glitches in the presentation or content of the weather data, please let us know. I try to keep a webpage with a log of weather station issues, and you can also check that to see if we're already aware of the problem and either trying to solve it or strategically ignoring it.

We're not in the business of weather forecasting, but the National Weather Service is. Here's their latest local forecast.


Graphs of Recent Weather

Notes on Reading the Graphs:  These graphs are for the last 30 days. Data lines end at time and date of last data upload.  "ET" below refers to evapotranspiration - essentially the weather's drying potential; this is a function of humidity, wind and sunlight.  These graphs are manually uploaded, and I periodically forget to upload them. Please don't be dismayed. As noted above, the following tabular summaries (all text files) are also available: previous week, current month, previous month, year-to-date, and last year.



graph of outside temperature for a recent 30 days

graph of outside barometric pressures for a recent 30 days

graph of rainfall for a recent 30 days

graph of widn speed for a recent 30 days

graph of outside humidity for a recent 30 days

graph of evapotranspiration for a recent 30 days