Photo Walk at Hawthorne Valley

Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 03:00 to 05:00

If you've been following our Progress of the Seasons Journal (link), you know that photography is one of our favorite ways to document our adventures and share our appreciation for nature. Have you ever wondered how our photographs are made, or wanted to learn how to improve your nature photography? If so, then join us for our first-ever photo walk! Led by FEP insect technician Kendrick Fowler, participants will explore Hawthorne Valley Farm's woodland trails while learning basic tips and techniques for photographing spring flowers. Special emphasis will be placed on tips for composing images and on tools and techniques for close-up and macro photography. You do not need a fancy camera or any special knowledge to participate—even a camera phone can make an excellent image, and the workshop will include content suitable for people of all skill levels. Note, however, that you will get the most out of the workshop if you already have a basic familiarity with how your camera works, and we recommend that you bring a camera or lens designed to facilitate macro photography. The photo walk will be held at Hawthorne Valley Farm on May 2 (and not May 8, as earlier announced by mistake!), 2021, from 3:00–5:00pm. Participation is limited—if you are interested, please email Kendrick Fowler at to register.