Community Food System Studies

We conducted a variety of research projects exploring different parts of the food system in Columbia County from the perspectives of both producers and consumers - often using such interactive methods as the community dot survey pictured at right.  This research is summarized below, by topic, in a series of PDFs originally derived from slide presentaCommunity Food Surveytions.  You can also see a version of this work written up in Appendix C of Columbia County's Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan

Introduction and Context - A look at the historical agricultural context for our region, as well as an introduction to the food system.

Community Food Surveys - Dot surveys conducted at community events throughout the County during two separate seasons, gathering hundreds of responsese about people's relationship to food and farming.

Farmers' Market Study - An exploration of local farmers' markets from the perspective of customer surveys, market managers, and food availability.

CSA Price Comparison Study - A look at the difference in price between CSA shares and the comparable equivalent bought at different types of retail outlets. 

CSA Rural/Urban Differences - A PDF poster based on a study we did looking at the differences between rural and urban CSA members of the same Columbia County Farms.

Retail Outlet Study - A food accessibily survey of 17 different retail outlets of all kinds throughout Columbia County.

Farm to School Participatory Research - A participatory research project exploring the school's food system done with high school students at Taconic Hills and Hudson. 

Food Resource Mapping - Our ongoing attempt to map different aspects of the food system in Columbia County.  See also our Map of New Farms, and stay tuned for interactive, online versions of these maps.  If you know of new farms not on our Map of New Farms, please let us know by entering the information into our new farm form.

For more information on this work, please contact Anna Duhon at 518-672-7994 or by email.