Common Stream Fish

Different waters - ponds, lakes, marshes, streams rivers - often have somewhat distinct fish communities. We have done some work focussing on common stream fish. The mini-guide below pairs pictures we took of local fish with distribution maps based mainly on DEC records that Bob Daniels kindly shared. On those maps, the white circles indicate sampling points where the given species was not found; yellow dots indicate sites where it did occur. Many of these records are from the 1930s, and so they do not necessarily represent current distributions.

In this blog posting, you can join us deep (err... shallow) diving in one of our streams. Fish abound.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the images.


Common Shiner


Brook Trout

Brown Trout

Creek Chub


Eastern Blacknose Dace

Bluntnose Shiner

Golden Shiner

Flathead Minnow

Largemouth Bass

Tessellated Darter

White Sucker

Longnose Sucker

Slimy Sculpin