Now available, "Farmscape Ecology", the movie

  • Poster for "Farmscape Ecology" film.

“Farmscape Ecology”, the movie, is now on-line.
Created by Jon Bowermaster of Oceans8 Films and funded by the Hudson Valley Farm Hub

View the movie here.
Farming is ever-evolving. Today, when we think about what’s to come next for farmers a key question is, “How do we produce food and still maintain a livelihood for farmers, while respecting the needs of other organisms with which we share the land?” As part of the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative, scientists and researchers examine that question by researching and monitoring soil, water, and wildlife to discover how farming and wildlife co-exist.

Aside from profiling some of our own work, this movie includes profiles of many of our colleagues in the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative, including Anne Bloomfield (an ornithologist at the Farm Hub), Shafiul Chowdhury (Director of Enviornmental Geochemical Science at SUNY - New Paltz), Gabriel Perron (microbial ecologist at Bard College) and Jason Tesauro (herpetological researcher at Hudsonia).