The Little Things That Run the World—A Winter Lecture Series (recordings available)

  • Gold-green Sweat Bee

This autumn/winter, we will be offering a four-part lecture series "The Little Things That Run the World". These in person lectures will focus on four fascinating insect groups and their role in regional biodiversity and agriculture. The richly illustrated presentations will explore the amazing worlds of bees, ground beetles, ants, and wasps. What do these insects look like? How many species do we know of? What have we learned about what they are doing? And how can we help them to continue thriving in our landscape?

This free lecture series will be presented on four Thursdays, 7pm in the Hawthorne Valley Learning Center (327 CoRoute 21C, Ghent NY; the white building attached to the red barn):

Please note that for extra safety of attendees and presenters, these will be masked events; masks will be available at the event for anyone who may not have one.

If you would like to attend any of these events online, please register with Josie and she will send you a Zoom link the day before each event.